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Management & Community Services

~A friendly neighbor company~


 trusted years of upstanding service to our customers and community 


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Who Are We?

Public Improvement District

A Public Improvement District (PID) is a special district created by property owners within the city of Dallas. Property owners pay a supplemental assessment with their property taxes, which the PID uses for services and improvements for the district above and beyond those existing.


These services include:

~public safety and security

~community and street clean-up

~business recruitment and marketing

~cultural events, arts, & more. 

 *Official boundary area of the Dallas South Side PID we operate in (Full details can be found          )

MLK Clean Team

~Our goal is to create a clean, sanitary, and comfortable community environment.


~By removing trash, debris, and other litter from the streets and sidewalks we hope to maintain a more liveable and thriving community for citizens and business owners.


~We also make 311 reports and 911 calls to the city to ensure things such as proper street lighting and person and property safety.


Experienced & Passionate Providers

For over 20 years we have been working closely with local Public Improvement Districts and our community, forming relationships and gaining expertise to facilitate the safety, growth , and well-being of the community and its citizens

Future Champs

We are involved in non-profit work with kids through the Future Champs wrestling club in South Dallas. We aim to help keep kids off the street by providing positive experiences through wrestling and boxing recreation and competition

MLK Clean Team

Our mission:

Clean the sidewalks and streets for the betterment of the community.

Courtesy Services

We are an extra set of eyes and ears networking with enforcement services to ensure a comfortable, clean and livable downtown Dallas environment.




Promoting a comfortable, clean, and safe environment in your community and neighborhood.

Community Engagement: As an integral part of the Dallas South Side PID, we engage with our clients and community, getting to know them better and forming a wide network within the community. By remaining active in your community we hope to grow a safer, cleaner, more prosperous neighborhood, and be a trusted part of it. 


RHi also provides the community with 24/7 friendly neighbor services:

~local business and resident check-in upon request, dog park patrol & resident escort services

~A constant source for directions, recommendations, or information about local events , programs, and community cleanups

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